Turning Passion into Profession

Career counseling is a personalized and strategic process designed to assist individuals in navigating their professional journeys. In this collaborative endeavor, experienced career counselors work closely with clients to explore their unique skills, interests, values, and aspirations.

Dr. Pratima Tripathi

(Founder & Director)

In my role as an educator and researcher, I've dedicated over a decade to guiding and mentoring students. Currently positioned as a Faculty and Researcher at the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Raebareli, my journey includes impactful roles at DR.RMLIMS, SSSIHL, and Integral University.

My focus spans teaching, research, and student counseling, all geared towards making a positive impact on the academic and personal growth of individuals. I have a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Lucknow and to venture into the field of counseling I got certified as a Global Career Counselor from Univariety and UCLA. I take great pride in counseling thousands of students on academic growth and career choices. A guiding philosophy that has fueled my endeavors is centered on the belief that "students are the best community with whom I like to spend most of my time and efforts." I am a passionate, resolute personality with an extremely positive attitude and firm determination.

Dr. Adhrit Chandra Pati Tripathi

(Chief Executing Officer)

In his role as a passionate academician, researcher and mentor, Adhrit Chandra Pati Tripathi has spent a decade leading a life with students and dealing with their issues in the most compassionate manner. For students, Dr. Tripathi is their best guide and teacher who always resolves their academic and student life tangles with smile and expertise that boosts the student’s confidence to excel in their career.

He is an expert in the field of mass communication and journalism with a Ph.D. in J&MC from Assam University.

His philosophy to counsel students is centered around the belief that “ every student is a gem and eachone’s journey is unique”

Need for
Career Counselling

Career Diversity: Our career options are vast, offering a mountain of possibilities. However, the need to understand the best option for you poses a challenge. The need for counseling becomes crucial in navigating the ample number of opportunities.

Guiding through Choices: Counseling becomes a compass in the complex sea of career options. It serves as a vital navigation tool, helping individuals explore and understand the possibilities and providing clarity and direction in their decision-making.

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Kaustav Academy

Kaustav Academy is not just an educational platform, it is a visionary initiative founded with a clear mission, to actively shape the academic and personal journeys of students. The academy stands as a dedicated space that goes beyond traditional education. Our goal is not merely to impart knowledge but to be recognized as distinguished teachers and counselors, earning recommendations from every student who experiences the transformative guidance we offer.

Over the next five years, we envision playing a pivotal role in the lives of students, guiding them toward paths that lead to both success and satisfaction. Our commitment extends beyond academic achievements; we aim to contribute significantly to the holistic development of individuals, ensuring that their life choices are not only successful but also fulfilling.

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